I use Sweet P's Sweets Royal Glaze and on my last few batches have noticed the flood setting up super fast, making any wet-on-wet work difficult. One of the batches was during an in-home class and we used the student's meringue powder which was super old and ended up leaving undissolved clumps in the icing, so I thought that was the issue. Now I'm having the same problem with leftover icing that's been stored in the fridge, and on the counter, and back in the fridge, and color tweaked, and basically used and abused. I supposed I could whip up a fresh batch, but thought I'd ask here if anyone else has had this issue. It's also possible I'm working with too thick of a flood cause I'm lazy and don't feel like mixing up 12 consistencies of icing. But it's still thin enough that it settles nicely, probably 10 second or so. Yeah, now that I think about it, I probably should thin it down some. So this post is kind of pointless. But it's my first post here, so hi everyone! Gonna go back in the kitchen and sheepishly mix up some thinner icing now.

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Ambient humidity can also affect drying time a lot. And if you have overhead or other fans blowing, the icing will crust faster. Could it be possible that you had different ambient conditions than usual as well?

Possibly. Same ambient conditions I've been cookieing with since I started using this icing recipe (winter/wood stove in attached living room) but I haven't been doing much wet-on-wet this winter either, so not much experience with it in these conditions.

I am a newbie to cookie decorating and had the same problem with trying the wet on wet icing techniques this week.  It has been raining alot here though. 

Trying to decorate for my nieces baby shower in a couple weeks.   

I am just amazed at what all the ladies here can do.  ( too pretty to eat lol) 


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