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Hi Deb!

I actually did a video tutorial on rubber stamping fondant.  I used a regular wooden stamp that I purchased at Michaels.  I washed it really well before using.


I've attached a picture of a few that I have done.

Here is the video link if you promise not to laugh.  The stamping part you will find at around 7:20 of the video.  Hope it helps!!



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I have a tutorial on my site on rubber-stamping on royal icing:


I address the food-grade issue at the end. But basically it's a gray area, so use your discretion.


One of the lessons in my new video series also addresses rubber-stamping in great detail, again on royal icing. More info about that series can be found here:


The stamping technique that you'd apply to royal icing is the same as you'd apply to fondant. The only difference is whether you allow the fondant to fully dry before you stamp, or if you stamp the fondant while it's malleable. If you stamp the fondant while malleable, you'll also get a neat embossed effect in addition to the color of the stamp. 


I do A LOT of rubber-stamping so if you have more specific questions, please post them in another topic under this forum and I'd be happy to address.

Originally Posted by Speedystamp:
Originally Posted by Deb:

Yes I am using the rubber stamps made by speedy stamps and these are very good quality.For more tutorial regarding rubber stamps you can contact to speedy stamps.

Speedystamp, Are you an employee of Speedy Stamp? If so, please limit personal product endorsements to our supplier/tools forum. Putting a link in that forum would be appropriate, and I think people would be interested in those products. But we generally don't allow personal product endorsements anywhere else on the site (other than links to video tutorials in the clips section). 


Another question: Are they food-grade, and if so, how do they ensure they are food-grade? Thanks.

Originally Posted by Speedystamp:

Thanks julia for your suggestion but I am not a employee of speedystamps.I only used the stamps made by speedy stamps.

I only asked because both your username and email address on file have "speedystamp" in them. Could you tell us if the stamps are food-grade and, if so, how food-safety is ensured? Thanks!

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