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With temperatures topping 100℉ here in Missouri, a cool summer drink is almost always in order. When I'm not reaching for ice water or a sparkling wine spritzer, I can be found sitting in front of an air-conditioning vent, computer in hand, imbibing all of the summery sights on Cookie Connection. What a great way to chillax! I highly recommend it!

This month's site art by the super-talented @Cajun Home Sweets (aka Barbara Poirrier) was chosen precisely because it's such a refreshing "drink" of summer. Sunny beaches, bathing suits, sand castles, umbrella-topped tropical drinks . . . Barb's site banner and backdrop portray so many classic emblems of summer so beautifully!


Thanks, Barb, for contributing such wonderful work to Cookie Connection over the years and for imparting such summery vibes this month. Also, a big shout-out to Site Art Stylist @Icingsugarkeks (aka Gabi) for skillfully merging two of Barb's summer sets ("Nacho Ordinary Cookies" and "Goodbye to Summer Set") into one cohesive and eye-catching presentation. (I've never known a margarita with bubbles, but after seeing Gabi's banner animation, I think I ought to! )

Ever since Barb joined Cookie Connection in December 2013, I've been impressed with her ability to pull off just about any set. You name a theme, and I can guarantee she's not only done it in cookies, but she's done it impeccably. Don't believe me?! Just check out her Cookie Connection portfolio, and you'll immediately see I'm not exaggerating.

As always, I hope to do a Cookier Close-up interview with Barb, just as soon as I post our July artist's (@Cookies on Cambridge's) interview in a few weeks. However, as of the posting of this announcement, I haven't been able to connect with Barb. For now, I leave you with these links to her Cookie Connection member profile and portfolio with the hope that they'll allow you to get to know her better. And, as you're reviewing them, I will continue to keep my fingers crossed that I can make contact and arrange an interview.

All cookies and photos by Cajun Home Sweets.

Last but not least, for those of you who are wondering how to get featured, it's easy! Simply read these posts here and here. Remember: Site artists not only get their work featured prominently for a full month, but they also get profiled in a forum post like this one and in an in-depth Cookier Close-up interview. All considered, it's a lot of great free PR in exchange for photo sharing! When preparing your site art, please bear in mind that I already have artwork through January 2024, so I am specifically looking for art for February 2024 and beyond. Please also remember that @Icingsugarkeks, our Site Art Stylist, is available to help you get your photos in the right format, so do not hesitate to contact her if you need assistance! You can send her a PM right here on Cookie Connection by clicking on her name (in pink) above.

Thanks in advance for considering a contribution to the site!


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  • August 2023 Site Banner: Cookies and Photos by Cajun Home Sweets; Graphic Design by Pretty Sweet Designs and Icingsugarkeks
  • August 2023 Site Background: Cookies and Photos by Cajun Home Sweets; Graphic Design by Icingsugarkeks
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