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Hi!  I am new to this forum!  I recently discovered this site.  Getting back into cookies after having 2 little boys that have and still do keep me runnin'!  I usually have found my answer by searching, or I get lost in all the amazing photos!  But I have a question . . .


I recently ordered some of the 10x7 window boxes from BRP for holiday gift sets. I have a friend that asked if I can ship a couple to her 97 yr old Dad in Boston.  I ship all the time but usually bubble wrap them and put them vertically in a bakery box.  These are a single layer heat sealed and placed on crinkle paper.  Has anyone tried shipping them like this?  It makes me way too nervous!  I don't think they are protected enough.  Should I package them in a different box (that isn't as pretty) or wrap the window box in bubble?  Thank you so much in advance!  





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Hi, I'm new to the site as well. I always wrap mine in bubble wrap. and pack the mailing box really well. I don't know if you have a UPS store close but they do a wonderful job at the one by my house. Your cookies are beautiful.

Thank you!  Yes, that is normally how I wrap & ship but I haven't shipped yet with these smaller boxes.  I'm not sure how to ship them safely while still having them be somewhat visible.  If that is even possible.  Maybe I just tell her that if I ship I have to a different box.  

What if you cut two pieces of corrugated cardboard the same size as the box, sandwiched the box between them, and wrapped the whole thing with bubble?  It might make the pretty box sturdy enough to survive the trip. 


Good luck, and if you end up finding a solution that works, please post! 

I just wanted to reply back with my results. I ended up shipping around 17 packages of these gift boxes.   Most were just 1 gift box but some had 2 or 3.  I used a thin cardboard piece, cut to fit the top, and then bubble wrapped the whole package before packing with peanuts and tissue (to help keep from shifting).  All arrived safely!   Thanks so much!

I have been browsing this forum looking for ideas on how people ship cookies since my last ones to my granddaughter had some breakage.  I just wanted to say how beautiful your cookies are and I love the simplicity of limited colors! 


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