Hi, all! Over the past few weeks, there have been several questions about photo posting guidelines - particularly the rules about copying or drawing inspiration from others' work and posting duplicate images. There have also been a larger than usual number of queries about how to log into the site and find various content on Cookie Connection.

That all said, I have just revised the Site FAQ to address the login and "where to find content" issues. I have also revised the photo posting guidelines to include links to forums that contain legal advice about copyright law/infringement and information about finding images (that can legally be copied) in the public domain. I have also added a personal note at the very end that describes how photo moderation occurs on this site, which is important enough to me that I am posting it here as well:

Ensuring 100-percent compliance with these rules is not humanly possible for me or any volunteer moderator to do, especially given the size of this site. So rather than patrolling the site 24-7 and checking every single photo, I choose to operate on the basis of trust - meaning that I assume you all will act on the honor system and follow these rules to the best of your ability, for the benefit of the entire community. Please also trust that I will do my best to apply these rules as fairly as I can. If you think I have missed something (which is quite possible; again, I do not look at every photo on this site), then please report the issue to me via private message. I act on every report that I receive. Many thanks! 

Since both the Site FAQ and the photo guidelines have been changed rather considerably, I also strongly urge you all to re-read them before posting your next photo (or other content) to the site. Thank you!

Any questions? Please leave them below or email me.

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