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So sorry - again! When I wrote last week's post alerting you to no Saturday Spotlight last Saturday and mentioned that I'd resume this week, I forgot I would be in an all-day class today with another all-day one tomorrow. I was also awoken at 5 am the day before yesterday due to a fire alarm in the hotel (!), and then, last night, I had to change hotel rooms at 1 am because someone in a nearby room was smoking and all the smoke was getting sucked into my room through the bathroom vent. So much for being a non-smoking hotel! 

Needless to say, I am running on empty, so I will start up Spotlights again on March 17. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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Cassandra VanSyckle posted:

Just enjoy your classes! Nothing worse than a hotel room filled with smoke. You can't even open the windows......LOL! Just let the other ladies know so they don't book that hotel next time.

I know - I tried and tried to open them though, but they stopped at about 2 inches! 

Manu posted:

As always, I loved to follow on your FB page what was going on in your class, from the prep, the location, the behind the scene the day before the class. I wish I will have the chance to attend one of your classes one day somewhere!

So sorry for the inconvenience with the hotel.

I don't think it's the hotel's fault - it's a nice, tidy, and well-appointed place. But it is an extended stay-hotel, and I think people who have been there for a while start treating it like its their own home (and start feeling entitled to do whatever they want despite hotel rules).

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