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Hi, there are at least a couple of related topics in our forums about how to achieve shiny effects. (If you use the "advanced search" feature under the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the site, you can search every area of the site, and a ton of useful information usually comes up! )

Here are two of the most relevant ones that came up when I searched:



If these don't answer your question, can you be a little more specific? Perhaps link off to a picture of the effect you're trying to achieve (as @Econlady) suggested, and we could be more helpful. Thanks!

I often use granulated sugar. Some brands are quite sparkly, others are dull (here in the U.K. Silver Spoon granular is quite a shiny crystal). For more sparkle than that I use sanding sugar, but the crystals are larger. 


For proper glittery effects you can use disco dust and its variants. I’m many (perhaps most) countries, this is a non toxic food-contact safe product, rather than actually edible, so you can’t use it directly on cookies you are selling to the public. But what you do for family and friends is up to you (I’ve eaten plenty of the stuff myself). 


There are starting to be some fully edible glitters appearing on the market now. These tend to be rice or starch based particles with lustre dust or similar. Some are quite sparkly. But as yet there’s nothing fully edible that sparkles like real glitter.

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