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I am in search of the best “bling-y” gold icing colors out there. Most of my royal icing is mustard color, not the pretty, shiny gold I’m seeing out there. What are your favourite shiny gold gels, or dusts, or any other means of creating shiny, blingy gold cookies?

Thank you!

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I'm not a huge fan of the super shiny look, so I'm not the best one to ask. I tend to work with duller golds (in various forms: PME luster sprays, AmeriMist airbrush coloring, and some extended powders like Chef Rubber and TMP). Many people seem to like TMP for its sheen, and it is quite shiny. Just be sure that whatever you use is food-safe. Some of the shiniest gold highlighter dusts are not.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I guess shiny or blingy  weren’t the right terms, just a gold that looks gold and not mustard. I am curious to check these colors out! I’ve been tasked to make cookies for a baby girl shower (my granddaughter to be) using pink and gold colors and wanted to get the color right.  I will surely check these out!  😊 Thank you! 🙏🏽 

Chef Rubber has SO many shades of sheen (what they call "Decor Powder"), but they are labelled "non-toxic" and are really only intended for decoration. Global Sugar Art is now carrying Roxy & Rich brand, which is labelled as FDA-approved/edible, and they have a very wide color selection too:$2520Approved

I haven't used Roxy & Rich yet, but I just got some of their "Soft Gold" from Global Sugar Art so I could give it a try. Also to note, the super-shiny TMP dusts are not FDA-approved either, and are labelled for decorative use only:

For gold I use Rainbow Dust ivory shimmer adding yellow and brown gel colour with alcohol. (I even use the same ivory lustre dust for bronze or silver in the same way.) I do that because the ivory lustre dust is the only one we can commonly get as food approved in Japan. It doesn't look really metallic but I like it.

So, if you don't need very metallic shiny finish, I think you could grab light colour lustre dust and add some colours to get what you want.

Just agreeing with everyone here to say PLEASE make sure it is actually edible and not just “non-toxic”. So many cookie-ers are putting that stuff on their cookies and selling them to their customers. 

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