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As a mother, when I hear that another mother has a dilemma, my heart wants to reach out and help. Recently, I received a request from a woman who is currently in Afghanistan serving in the US Military. She was very brief in her message but stated that she wanted to send her four year old son an assortment of his favorite super hero cookies for him and his  friends to have for his Halloween pre-school party which she cannot attend (because she's in the military) but she wanted him to know that she was thinking about him.

My first thought was, of course! Then, the more I started to think about it, I thought how nice would it be if I could round up other cookie artists (who, like me, wear their heart on their sleeve) and have each cookier create one of this little boy's favorite super heroes and mail it to him in a box with a special message from his, in total, the boy would receive 14 cookies in 14 different boxes with 14 different messages telling him how much his mother loves him and misses him.

I spoke with the little boy's father on the phone yesterday and he was completely humbled by the thought and is totally in. He said his son would be over the moon.

So far, I have myself and one other cookier who will be participating. I need 12 others. If you're interested, please send me a message on here with your direct email and I will email you instructions. The cookies need to arrive NO LATER than October 29th.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you.

Susan Dobbs

The Tailored Cookie®

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You're awesome, Tami! Would you please private message me your email address?
Thanks again!!! You guys are amazing!
Originally Posted by Tami Rena's Cookies:

I'm totally in!!! What a wonderful thing ��


I can help!  I'm not a professional but I will do my best at baking a superhero cookie.  I sent you my email address via a pm on Facebook.   I'm not proficient at navigating my way around Cookie Connection.  Find me on facebook and click on my name then on message and my message to you will pop up.   Regards....


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You don't have to be a pro!! You are so awesome for participating!! Please private message me your email address and I will be sending out an email tomorrow.
Thank you!!
Originally Posted by Cat Colbert:

I can help!  I'm not a professional but I will do my best at baking a superhero cookie.


Thank you so much everyone!! I just sent out the email, so if you signed up and didn't receive an email from me, let me know and I will resend it!


Thank you all so much for making this happen!!


Susan Dobbs

The Tailored Cookie

I am in! Please email me the info I need. My grandson loves his superheros and I'd love to participate in making this little guy (and his Mother) happy too! If there is a specific superhero you would like me to make, so there aren't too many of the same one, let me know!

We did it!!


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3. Cat Colbert

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7. Sweet Shop Natalie

8. Custom Cookies by Jill

9. Killer Zebras

10. Andreas Oven


Cookies by Kerri (no pic)


Sugared Hearts Bakery

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Super Hero Cookies Collage


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