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Do you use Twitter to publicise your cookies? Do you think it is an effective tool? Do you get a lot of visibility via Twitter? Let us know how and if you use Twitter to spread your cookie art all over the world!

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Everything we post in our blog goes to Facebook and Twitter but we are not sure if this is a right approach or not. More and more you read about people getting tired of reading the same things in both places and we would like to know what you think about it and if you consider Twitter really useful at the time of getting publicity for your cookies.

All of my Facebook posts also feed into Twitter automatically. I like to keep a presence there, because some of my colleagues seem to use it more than Facebook. Yet I don't invest in creating distinct content for it, because all considered, I think the fact that it's non-visual makes it a less useful marketing tool. The vast majority of referrals to my site have been coming from Pinterest (even before I was ever on it), so it stands out as more useful to me than Twitter and possibly even Facebook.

I am such an old fuddy duddy when it comes to twitter. I grab my cane and shawl and shake my fist in the air at twitter! Haha. All I can think of is celebrity-stalkers and regurgitated content when I see that little bird. 

Facebook and Instagram are my loves <3  

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