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I'm very new to cookie decorating so this might just be how royal icing hardens. 

I've only done royal icing and decorated cookies a handful of times but I love it and I love how pretty the cookies turn out. 

The problem I have is that the icing dries very hard on the cookies and I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if in fact this is the way royal icing dries?


I wish there was more interest in cookie decorating in Iceland. The only decorated cookies I have ever seen are at Christmas and then only gingerbread cookies in the shape in trees and other Christmas items with white outlines. Quite boring compared to all the cookies I've googled and the few I've made myself 

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Hi!  You might want to read Karen's (SugarDeaux) article under topics dated May 1, 2014.  She gives her recipe for a quick setting royal icing that has corn syrup in the recipe.  It sets-up enough to stack and package but it doesn't set-up as hard as regular royal icing.  It tastes good too! is supposed to dry very hard...but if you don't like it, then definitely try the recipe that Sherrie mentioned above!  I don't mind the hard texture of the icing in contrast to the softer cookie...I kind of like it, but I do try to keep my base layer reasonably thin because it is so hard. Good luck and have fun! Maybe you'll start at trend in Iceland!

I agree with Joanna - I like the hard royal icing but Karen softer version is good too.  The only cons regarding Karen's recipe is the addition of two more ingredients that are needed (corn syrup and butter flavored flavoring).  Also, because it sets up faster than the normal royal icing - you have to move a bit quicker than normal when flooding the cookie and making sure there are no air bubbles, etc. because if you drag your feet - the cookie sets up with your mistakes.

My recipe calls for 2 lbs powder sugar,clear vanilla, dash of salt, water & I use 2 Tbsp. of meringue powder. That produces hard decorations on the cookies. (almost to hard)  I see some recipes calling for the same 2 lbs. of powder sugar, etc. but up to 5 Tbsp. of meringue. Why would they use so much meringue? Doesn't the RI get even harder?

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