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I have been baking cookies for my bridge club every week. I often make card-themed cookies (the four suits of playing cards), but I also make cookies related to the closest relevant holiday. Does anyone have any ideas about a source for themes for cookies for every week? The big holidays are obvious, but in those months (like August) where there are no major holidays, I don't necessarily have good ideas for what to bake.

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@Cookie Me This ~ Heidi

Thanks for sharing, Heidi, that's interesting!... And perfect when you need a weekly theme. I just found out that today, July 29th, is also "lasagna day", and that made me chuckle. I didn't know about that! 

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@LouisXIV.     What a lovely thing to do.  You're friends are very fortunate.  

If you havent done so already, you may want to take a look at some Alice in Wonderland themed cookies for ideas on creating the Queen of Hearts and her playing card soldiers.  You could include the tea time clock with the hour you get together to play Bridge.

People vacation in July and August.  You could do camping, beach, States, lots of cute trailers out there.   Landmarks of various countries with airplanes might appeal to you.  It's HOT at that time of year so the movies could be a fun theme.  And you gotta throw in a day at the spa!

 The time, care and love that goes into your cookies is a special gift. Whatever you do, your friends will love it.           Pip

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