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When I make cookies i like to seal them individually and put on box  or in an arrangement I would like to know if anyone has tried the shrinking wrap. (The plastic they put around a basket and then shrink with a blower). I tried to use it and did not work that well. the cookie was not sealed in and I had a bulky mess on the back. Any suggestions on how u used this material or any other method of sealing the cookies

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I know people have success with this method all of the time, but I have destroyed cookies in an attempt to heat seal/shrink wrap. One of my employees said that they used to shrink rap stuff at another company (non-food items) and they used the 1mm bags (thinner baggies - I like to use 2mm baggies), impression sealed the end, the took the heat gun to the sides, then the back...I just personally don't like the way that it looks sometimes...sometimes it would rinkle over the image and then crush the design...BUT, again, I am no expert at doing it this way, as I am sure there has to be a successful method. Good luck and let us know if you find out any good tips!

Hi, good question. Just an FYI - I moved this topic into the "Packaging and Shipping" forum (from "Startup Dos and Don'ts"), since it's more related to packaging than how to startup a cookie business. I also deleted a duplicate version of this same question that was posted at the same time.

I bought the heat gun and I love it because I can use it on my cookies and my packaging.  The heat gun will only shrink wrap with specific bags, not celo.  The bags I bought for the heat gun feel much different than the celo bags.  Celo bags have a softer touch, and the heat gun will shrink wrap the kind that feel like a hard plastic.  They are called shrink bag and I bought different sizes through Paper Mart, comes in 1000 per box.  I used the shrink wrap and gun on my cookie bouqets at Christmas, and found they make a nice presentation, although you can heat them too much and cause a hole to appear in the plastic.  Makes it difficult to remove but keeps them fresh and nice looking.


I was curious what type of heat gun you use, since I was also thinking about using shrink wrap and a heat gun on cookies, but more for a class project and possibly gifts.  So, I don't want to spend too much money, but I don't want to get a gun that blows too hot. What is the secret to not burning your fingers?



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