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In our cooking community, we're currently discussing the best paper to use for wrapping up those yummy homemade cookies. Some of us prefer parchment paper, while others favor wax paper. Then there are those who mention greaseproof paper and even fancy decorative options!

We're a bit undecided between functionality, appearance, and environmental impact. We're seeking something that keeps our cookies fresh, looks good, and is eco-friendly.

So, we're reaching out to you, the experts, for some guidance. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of paper? Which one strikes the right balance between practicality and being eco-friendly?

We're eager to hear your advice!

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Hi, Amelia! Just curious - what is the name of the "cooking community" to which you refer? In my experience, those making decorated cookies - as all of us here do - typically prefer not to wrap the cookies in any form of paper, as it doesn't show off the decorations and can, in many cases, mess them up. Decorated cookies are more often heat-sealed in clear cellophane bags or placed in boxes with windows.

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Actually, I'm not remember the name of the community and you want to say that no need to decorate cookies with any type of paper.

Yeah, I am saying that one typically wouldn't surround a decorated cookie with opaque paper, because then the decoration could not be seen and you might even break fragile decorations. You might line a box with paper and place cookies on top of the paper liner, but that didn't seem to be what you were suggesting when you said "wrapping up" cookies.

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