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Thankful for this site

Hi Julia

My name is Pat Buxton and I have enjoyed your work for many years. In fact it was your first book that inspired me to do cookies.  The grave yard scene and the haunted scene.  Do to health problems my vision is slowly being impaired. I enjoyed FB but it was difficult searching the sites.  You have gave me the opportunity to visually see as many decorated cookies as I can.  I cant get enough of the creativity that cookies inspire in individuals.   I enjoy looking at these pictures especially new cookie decorators and commenting on their work.

I feel that one like could encourage the person to greater decorating skills.  Again thankyou

Pat Buxton


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Thanks, Pat! This is such a nice note! I've noticed your activity on the site, particularly the shots in the arm that you're giving some of the newer folks. I so appreciate your involvement - and am thrilled to hear that you're enjoying the site.


It's been a great experience so far in bringing the community together! I'm amazed by how people have embraced this new place. I can't wait to start our regular cookier profiles and other cool blog posts (columns) that are in the works. 


Stay tuned!

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