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"blogs" on CC

Sorry if I screwed up, Julia! I thought that the "blog" tab was a place for me to share the most recent post that is on my personal blog. Once I hit the submit button, it said it needed to be approved. My bad! I will not be offended if you nix it. It's just me learning the ropes on CC!



Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies

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Yeah, I just nixed it!  No prob at all, though. Glad to see you're exploring all areas of the site!


Check the Dialog box in the upper right of the site. I left you a more detailed message there about what type/form of content we accept in the blog. I am looking for regular guest bloggers, and so am definitely open to you and others considering something like that. I put possible candidates through a few hoops before they become regulars, but nothing too onerous.


In the meantime, links to your tutorials are welcome in Clips, and are best placed directly under any clip in the fist comment, for reasons noted in the the other email I left.


Thanks again for joining the site and for your wonderful contributions so far!


Oh, AND PLEASE, feel free to post your tutorials in the forums. There is one forum expressly set up for this purpose, but even I had forgotten I had put it there! No one has posted there yet, so I'd love for you to be the first one!


Link here:


Here, posts can be simple links with images, i.e., short-form content.

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