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Joy-2 Prettier Prettier Plaques Cookie Stencil by Julia 5 Piece Set

Julia, I purchased the above stencil set and was wondering if you have a tutorial for this one.  If not, some suggestions for colors please.


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Hi, Thanks for purchasing my stencils; I hope you have lots of fun with them! I haven't created a video for it yet, but I have played with it with various colors.

One combo that works well is brown for the background "branches" and word; dark/saturated green for the wreath; dark/saturated red for the bow; and lighter shades/applications of the red and green for the berries and leaves in the background.

If the above combo is too jazzy for you, then I'd do the background entirely in one color (different shade of lighter green probably) and match the word to it.

The color palette that I used on the "Merry" set looks fun/vibrant on this one too:



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  • "Merry" Prettier Plaques Cookies: Stencil Design and Cookies by Julia M Usher
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Ok, this is a great idea, and the Merry cookie looks like a wrapped present.  Thank you for your help.

My pleasure!

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