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Live Chat with Jill Wettstein (aka Jill FCS)

Hi, Jill! Welcome! Thank you for chatting with us today! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about your cookie business and your work with the GOBO Foundation today - as I'm sure everyone else is too!
Good morning to everyone joining us as well! I encourage everyone to jump in with questions. These chats are always more fun and informative when people don't hang back on the sidelines!
Hi, guys!
Though . . . before we dive into Q&A, just a few housekeeping notes for newbies to our chats: questions are answered in the order received, but they will not post to the public/viewable area of the chat until Jill reads and answers them. We'll work through questions that were logged in advance first; then start working on questions asked live during the chat. That said, please be patient and do not re-post the same question. It may take some time to answer your question, depending on where it sits in the queue. But I will personally make sure every question gets answered before we're through!
Also, please just ask one question at a time (per post); it's easier for our guests to keep up and others to read the chat transcript if they're not hit with too many questions at once. Thanks!
Here's the first cookie image . . .
Winter Birds COPY
Julia, thank you so much for inviting me! It’s nice to put down the piping bag and chat for a bit.
Truly great to have you here!
We've got tons of questions in the queue and also coming in live, so hold onto your pastry bags, ladies! I'll be posting very fast!
Remember, the transcript will be available after the chat if you missed anything live!
I'm sure many of you are already familiar with Jill's wonderfully whimsical work, but, just in case, I'm posting a few samples of it below to stimulate our discussion!
Another . . .
Bear Moose Penguin Copy
Another . . .
Clearing All Plated Straight Copy
Ahh, and here's another more recent Christmas cookie design from Jill, done on a tulip cutter no less!
Snowman Tulip COPY
And yet another, just as delightful as all the rest!
Reindeer COPY
Hi, Jill, I am very interested in your cookie designs. Please, could you tell me how you flood your cookies for big orders? Thank you so much.
Ha Quynh Phuong, nice to meet you! It’s all about efficiency and organization for us. We do not offer custom orders, so we don’t have large orders; however, I guess you could call filling the case every week a “large order”! Gep (my husband) makes and freezes the dough and icing weekly, and then we do small, daily baking runs to ensure freshness. We try to have at least 6 dozen cookies a day in process at all times. When I say “at all times,” yep, that’s what I mean … seven days a week.
So, Jill, I have a question for you while we wait for others to draft theirs . . . can you tell us more about how you started your cookie business? Specifically, can you explain the thought process that went into deciding to open a brick-and-mortar storefront versus selling online or out of your home?
Julia, when Gep (my husband) was considering retiring a few years earlier than our initial plan, my first reaction was, “Awesome, let’s open a cookie studio!” Gep was in IT for 40 years and I owned a graphic design business. We actually met at work, so it was a natural fit for us to “retire” by working together again. Wisconsin does not have a cottage food law, so home-based selling was out of the question. Renting kitchen space and selling online was an option, but our dream was to make a small, sweet difference in our local community. Having been an entrepreneur for the last 25 years, I had the experience needed to formulate a business plan, conduct market research, etc. I also knew that, although the cookies are the “star of the show,” we needed to have additional profit centers at the studio to make the business viable (ie., rent kitchen space to a local pastry chef, sell merchandise).
Hi Jill, I like the original design of your cookies. I think the first ones I saw and were drawn to were the ones with the cherries, that you have designed in many different ways, each one of them beautiful and eye-catching. Do you create your designs (in general) by thinking about how to fit the shape of the cookies or do you also design your own cookie cutters? (I hope my question is clear...)
Manu, when I was a hobby baker, I loved to handcut cookies. Now that we do bigger production runs of the same design, I have to design “within the cutter” for efficiency. So, yes, I draw my designs to fit on the cutters I have available.
I visited your website and your Instagram and I had an inside peek of your Funky Studio. I saw the "case" and how you have organized your week: 4 days dedicated to baking and three to the shop. How are those 4 baking days scheduled? Do you bake to fill up the case and to fulfill orders? What is the average amount of cookies that you make every week? Do you have any helpers?
Manu, Funky Cookie Studio is a true “mom and pop” studio. Gep, my husband, is the baker, and I am the decorator. We made a conscious decision not to offer custom orders since we are incredibly busy just keeping the case full for the week. We are a working studio . . . we bake/decorate 7 days a week, even when the studio is open. Our goal is to have 6 dozen cookies in process each day.
When do you have time to think and develop new designs, and where do you get your inspiration?
Manu, ideas are continually floating around in my little pea-brain. It may sound trite, but I am truly inspired by everything around me. I lean toward the silly, fun, happy designs because, to me, cookies are just that — sweet, happy little bites of deliciousness!
Hi Jill!!! Just a quick...I LOVE YOUR HOLIDAY COOKIES SO MUCH this year!!!
Aww, you are sweet!
It was very interesting to visit your IG (Instagram account) and see your kitchen where I found again the theme of cherries. The thing I liked the most was to see the case (in your shop) and how the cookies on display change with the seasons. They are amazing, and I got an idea of their real dimension. You don't take custom orders. Why this choice?
Manu, you are right, the fun part of the studio is that our case changes daily/weekly and our customers never know what to expect when they come in! We made the business decision not to offer custom orders based on our staffing (remember, it’s only Gep and me) and to remain true to our vision of artistic expression.
The edges and the shapes of your cookies are so perfect. Not sure I can post the pic here so here is the link: Is there any tip or trick you could share with us for getting these results?
Manu, I give all props to Gep for providing me with the perfect canvas to decorate. In all honesty, many times I gasp when I see how perfectly he has cut and baked the cookies! Gep has a couple of secrets that he told me I could share . . . (1) use good quality cutters, ones without intricate areas where dough may catch; (2) cut the dough while it is extremely cold and re-chill in the freezer after cutting, before baking; (3) after cutting, run your finger around the back edge of the cutter to remove any extra dough.
Just to let everyone know, I am still working through advance questions. We have about 10 more of those before we can start answering the live ones . . .
Hi, Jill! I love your cookies. I can identify your cookies at a glance not only because of your unique designs, but also because they are extremely clean, sharp, and flawless. Are there any tips for the latter?
Mintlemonade, yes, his name is Gep! (See above for a few of Gep’s tips.)
I am so sorry not to be here today. My regards to both you and Julia. Jill, your energy and ability to bring together so many of us with GoBo is inspiring! Congratulations on your Cookie Connection award. Ok, my question to you is about how you create such a smooth, flawless flood icing to cookie your awesome designs. Can you tell us a bit about your royal icing (RI) consistency - maybe share a secret recipe? How do you keep your RI so perfectly flat? ❤️
FYI, everyone - Jill won our Philanthropist of the Year Award for her generous work in support of the GoBo! Foundation!
Tina At Sugar Wishes, so nice to meet you! I cannot thank you enough for your participation in the Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale. Consistency, consistency, it’s all about consistency! I eyeball my royal icing for consistency, so I cannot give you any specific “seconds count.” I can tell you that when I go to use my icing, if the consistency is off, I stop and immediately correct it.
A bunch of questions now from Sweet Prodigy . . .
Hi, Jill! You are one of my favorite cookie artists, so I'm excited to be able to chat with you! It seems that you've been around forever. How did you get into cookie decorating?
Sweet Prodigy, you are so sweet! I am an old grandma, so, yes, I have been around for a while! I know exactly when I started to ramp up my cookie decorating because it was when I made cookies for our oldest grandson’s first birthday — he will be turning 10 next week!
How long have you been doing cookies?
9 years
Cookie Celebration - This question was just answered; we'll get to your others in a bit!
I am always in awe whenever I see a new set of cookies that you've posted. Everything is so unique and diverse. Your imagination and creativity astound me. How do you come up with so many different designs? What is your inspiration? Do you sketch your designs out first?
Sweet Prodigy, aww, thank you so much for your kind words. Every week I strive to have 8 to 10 different designs in the case . . . what’s the saying . . . necessity is the mother of invention?!?!?! I absolutely sketch my designs and clearly plan out my decorating steps before the cookies are even baked. I would panic if someone threw a naked cookie at me and asked me to decorate it!!!
Me too - glad to hear we are of like minds on the naked cookie thing!
There are many cookiers who make a decent living selling cookies out of their home, but opening up a bricks-and-mortar shop - that remains successful - is something else. How did you accomplish this? What do you think is the secret to your success?
Sweet Prodigy, this is a tough question to answer succinctly. The location of our studio, our dedication to a superior quality product, our personal/business authenticity, and mindfully understanding our customers are all factors. We are unique in that we are located in a seasonal resort area, where the majority of our customers are tourists, on vacation, relaxed and willing to treat themselves. We have been fortunate to get quite a bit of free local/regional press due to the uniqueness of our cookies.
I met Jill last year when a few cookiers met up in Door County, Wisconsin to share decorating ideas, and we visited her shop. She truly is an amazing woman and such an inspiration for all cookiers. Her designs are unique, and she shares with us daily. Then there's the fact that she works so heavily with the GoBo Foundation and really brings us all together for this wonderful cause. Where else do you get cookiers from every state in the U.S. and also other countries to participate in one event? I'm a hobby baker, and I love how she brings her cookies to life. I bought several of her cookies on my visit last year, and I just can't bring myself to eat them!! My only question would be . . . when will you ever hold a class in your shop? And, if you do, please put me at the top of your list as attending!!!!
Joanie?!?!?! So nice to hear from you, my friend. You’ll be the first one to know if we ever do decide to offer classes!!!
On an average day at FCS, about how many people are busy helping to create the case full of cool cookies to sell?
Sweet Suzie-Q, we are a true “mom and pop” studio — on any given day it is just Gep (my husband) and me.
I am a big fan of your cookies that make me really happy. It seems like you can make anything into cookies, but if there is something you are avoiding, what is it and why?
Ryoko ~Cookie Ave., I am so glad to hear that our cookies make you happy — that’s our goal!! The only thing I stay away from are copyrighted designs; everything else is fair game!
To create a new design, do you do anything to help you design, such as looking at animals, reading books, meditation . . . ? 
Ryoko ~Cookie Ave., yes, I do research as I am designing, mostly using Google images to get perspective and placement correct.
So excited to have a chance to talk with Jill today!! So talented and creative. Her designs are always surprising me, delighting me, and inspiring me.
Agree with Cookie Celebration - wholeheartedly!
We are onto the live questions entered this morning now . . .
I get the same tingle when I see cookies in my feed!
Hi, Jill, first and foremost, have you been an artist your entire life?
Jill is typing live now, so answers may take a little more time to post, but we will try to get to every question before the hour is up!
I have been creative my entire life. It's scary to use the world "artists," but, dang, we gotta own what we do!
I love the store you created and remember when you were building it! Is it a bakery/art gallery combination store, and do you create non-cookie items for sale as well?
It sounds like it is a combo venue from what Jill said earlier, but I'll let her elaborate . . .
While we don't bake anything but cookies, we do carry delicious bakery items from FlourGirl Patissier., a awesome pastry chef who bakes out of our kitchen.
And, again, that decision (to share space) was made in order to make the brick-and-mortar operation affordable, is that accurate?
Exactly, we couldn't make it on cookies alone.
I shared space early on (before opening my shop) with a caterer. I wish more shared space arrangements existed for start-up bakery businesses. That's a business opportunity in and of itself.
Your ideas are so whimsical and fun and I am in awe that you literally come up with almost 365 designs a year!!! How do you do it?
And is it really a new design EVERY day? What's the actual number?
Gosh, you know, I never really thought about it. I just do it. I guess it's my passion that keeps things fresh.
Posting an earlier comment from Cookie Celebration; just spotted it now - sorry for the delay in posting!
I feel the same way about the word "artist" too...I always used creative but agree, we have to own it!
We have many repeat customers, and part of our allure is keeping them guessing on what is going to be in the case a=on any particular day.
Still wondering - is it a design a day? Or a few new designs per week? Either way, that's a lot of creativity!
From a business standpoint, do you feel you found a successful mix for selling cookies with your store and having another person provide other bakery items?
I shoot for 8 - 10 different designs a week. We sell our cookies individually, so each one needs to "stand on their own." I do repeat particularly popular designs.
Yep, Cookie Celebration, it gives our customers options.
Related to the above question from Cookie Celebration, what's your definition of "success"? Is it a certain profitability target, serving the local community well, or something else? Can you talk about your profitability goals, as I know many prospective shop owners would be interested in what's realistic to expect from a cookie operation? No obligation to share numbers though.
I am posting a few comments while Jill types.
Jill, greetings from Mexico. I'm newly married and creating a bussines with my husband. I would love some day, when we retire, we can do as Gep and you. I love your story of success and love with cookies involved. Greetings to all of you girls!
I just love your work, Jill! Any time you share a cookie you've completed, it just makes me smile! 😊
I agree on the shared space arrangement. Here in New York, there are "incubators" in which you can rent space; some work well with pricing and helping bakers, others, not so much on the space for rent pricing.
First and foremost, Gep and I are retired and living the dream, while sharing our joy in cookie form. We made sound business decisions when it came to opening the Studio. Stayed on track with our budget, did forecasts on how much we needed to sell on a daily basis.
Good morning, Julia and Jill!!! So excited to participate in the chat this morning. It has been fun watching your style develop. Do you ever do things that are entirely outside the box just for fun?
Good morning, Katy!
We knew from the beginning that we would need to sell more than just cookies in order to make the endeavor profitable. Merchandise and renting kitchen space are two of the areas that add to the bottom line.
Oops - sorry, I thought you might be done with my profitability questions so I posted another question from Katy. Just let me know if you are ready to move on, or if I am moving too fast!
Morning, Katie! I really don't do too much out of the box as far as case cookies. As a matter of fact, I had to change my entire style in order to make cookies that were less labor intensive.
You don't ship (or you may have done one or two shippings this past year for a particular holiday?), but why did you decide not to ship your cookies?
Posting another comment or two while Jill types.
We do limited shipping because we are dedicated to our customers who come to the Studio. With such limited staffing, we have found, for us, it's other one or the other.
Thank you Jill for being my cookie mentor. You always take the time to answer every question I've asked. You are truly a kind, giving, talented, fun lady and I'm honored to call you my friend.
Awww, smooch, Dyan!
Do you ever envision the need to hire a counter person? I just can't imagine you and Gep baking and decorating 24/7 without more help to man the front of the house!
I feel like your cookies have personality. They're so cute, and they just call out from the case "Pick me".
The "need" is there, Julia; however, we are very hands on with our customers and the community. We have pretty much figured out the "dance" ... Gep's kitchen time and my kitchen time.
You amaze me!
Bonnie, you get me!!!!!
I am going to post a couple of related questions now about flawless icing and bleeding. I'm thinking Jill may be able to answer them in one fell swoop as they touch on similar themes.
Your wet-on-wet designs look flawless! Can you share your technique of how you achieve your magical look?
I'd also like to know how you get your RI so perfectly flat as well as what brand of colour dye do you use? I LOVE your vibrant colours.
Hi, Jill! I adore your work . . . just beautiful! I have a question . . . I have been making cookies for 10+ years and still have trouble with icing colors bleeding . . . any tips? I live in Memphis and it's very humid. I have tried everything . . . thick icing, doing each section in stages, fan, dehumidifier, drying overnight, etc., and I still have trouble, not all the time, but enough to be annoying . . . and I see it happening a few days out as well after I finish them. I use royal icing mix from CK because I am cranking out 1000's of cookies a day in my shop and saves a lot of time, so not sure if that is the difference or not. Any tips would be much appreciated!
Hi Jill! You have been over of my favorite cookie artists for years! I'm so excited to chat with you. Your cookies are instantly recognizable. My question is, you do a lot of wet-on-wet. Do you have any advice on how to avoid bleeding?
Ugh, bleeding and cratering; if anyone has figured that out they would make a small fortune in the cookie community!
OK, so all of the above questions ask how you get such flat, flawless icing and how you prevent bleeding with wet-on-wet, which seems to be one of your favored techniques. GO!
Any tips you use to minimize these issues though?
There are a few things I do to try to avoid bleeding. First, I think humidity is the major culprit when it comes to bleeding.
Hi, I just extended chat time so we won't get cut off mid-chat, but we'll try to keep as close to one hour as possible.
Posting a few more comments as Jill types.
I color my icing, especially dark tones (red, black, etc.), at least 24 hours before I use it. I also color it to a lighter color than I want it to end up being. Does that make sense?
Hi Jill, I love all your designs, this year your holiday cookies wonderful as always.
Do you feel coloring ahead prevents bleeding though?
I also quick crust my cookies, either in front of a heater fan or in a dehydrator.
Your cookies are so inspirational- I always look forward to your posts!
it does..I do the same as the color develops over time.
Yes, I do feel that coloring ahead of time, giving it a chance to rest, helps reduce bleeding.
OK, I'm going to move onto some other questions, so we have time to get through them all.
Have you ever thought of illustrating children's books?
Love that idea about coloring the icing 24 hours prior...I'm going to try that for my dark colors as well.
I think you have a good business plan/idea here Jill. I love that your shop helps other bakers and merchandise like you said. I think you have a good platform to branch out and sell your own merchandise!!! Calendars, children' books, cards, framed artwork...maybe 2017?
The only time I load up on color is when I am using white wet-next-to-wet. It seems the additional white coloring almost blocks out the adjoining color.
Hahaha, nope, never thought about illustrating children's books ... cookies are my canvas right now.
I will need a huge dehydrator! I will try that thank you Jill and thanks Julia!
I find that a dehydrator helps a lot.
Hi Jill. Love the colored backgrounds you are doing lately. Could you explain how you color the dough?
Laurie, I don't use the heat setting on my dehydrator, I simply use the cool fan. It really speeds up the decorating process and you don't need to keep them in there for very long.
Any recommendations on dehydrator brands from Jill or Julia?
How long do you leave the cookies in the dehydrator?
Bonnie, I cheat and airbrush the naked cookie!
I have an Excalibur dehydrator. A little pricy, but it has a lot of trays so you can fit a lot of cookies in at once.
Cookie Celebration - There is an extensive forum topic on Cookie Connection about dehydrator choices, so check it out. I would recommend the Excalibur, though I have a Nesco. Zucchero, time in the dehydrator depends on the amount of icing you have to dry and whether you need or want to dry it all the way through.
Do you ever plan to do an educational/informative blog on cookie decorating?
Zucchero Cookies, I keep my cookies in the dehydrator just long enough to get a nice "quick crust" on the icing.
Hi Jill, enjoying reading the chat. I too am a huge fan. Thank you for sharing.
Would you mind sharing the brand/model dehydrator you use?
Desiree, I have thought about it, but not sure what "angle" would be worthwhile. There are already so many great cookie bloggers.
Desiree - this was just answered. Please read above.
Teri, I swoon every time I see your cookies!
Anything to speed up the process is good to me! thanks so much!
Have you ever used a heat gun to get that initial blast of heat and air to set the icing?
EXACTLY, Laurie, thus my style change to wet-next-to-wet!
Dyan, no, but I know others do and they love it.
Dyan - in my opinion, it's a hassle to hover over the cookies with a heat gun (takes time, and time is money). But interested in what Jill has to say.
Love the way your cookies show in your photographs, Jill. Seems so simple and yet they display your cookies so well. I'm always trying to use clever props and backgrounds but still am not happy with my results. Any tips on the setup of the cookies and the actual photography process?
Okay, great thank you Julia.
I love this idea , about the naked cookie
Mutual swooning lol Thank you
Cookie Celebration, when I photograph my cookies, I try to have them be the star of the show. I like close ups and I like seeing one cookie design at a time.
Ladies - I am going to ask you to hold off on submitting any more questions. We still have 15 in the queue and I want to be sure to get to them all. Please comment whenever though. I'll post comments as soon as I see them.
Hi Jill. I'm a big fan from Toronto Canada!! If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?
When it comes to cookie decorating, Heather?
Thank you Jill and Julia !
Easier said than done for me. I dwell too often on small stuff . . .
I did before the Studio too, Julia!
Two pricing-related questions coming up - they are similar, so thinking you could answer both at the same time.
Not many people share pricing information these days so don't feel obligated to do so here. I'm always wondering what the perfect price point is for a cookie (typically 4" size) that respectively compensates the artist/baker and doesn't break the customer's bank?
I saw two videos where you are piping on cookies, and your work definitely looks labor-intensive. (Glad to know I'm not alone in that aspect.) I've always wanted to know, how much do your cookies cost?
Hi Jill. So excited to chat with you. And please sign me up right after Joanie for your first class. Your icing is perfection! What are your best tips to prevent cratering and cracking?
We charge $4/cookie regardless of size (except for minis).
Oop, sorry, Dyan - I missed your cratering question earlier, but I think Jill addressed this through discussions of dehydrators earlier on.
Remember, I make case cookies, they are very different from custom cookies.
Or, I should say "custom order cookies."
Still, they have a high level of detail, IMO.
In viewing images of your store, it looks like you have cool artwork on your wall s as well. I thought maybe it was a venue for other "artists" and a sort of gallery as well?
More comments posting as you answer Cookie Celebration's question . . .
Great job, Jill. Love to you and the sweet elf who bakes your wonderful cookies.
yes.. with having a case full of cookies on a daily basis, you do have to simplify the detail to the cookie.. and wet on wet is a must!
To decorating, to your business, to your store, to how you started up from a little cookier to who you are today (a big cookier in the cookie community
Hi Jill, at your level and so many like you, you are artist who use cookies as your canvas. And like an art museum, the works are all wonderful but everyone gravitates to certain artists. For me, hands down, you are my favorite cookie artist and I look forward to seeing your creations on instagram and Facebook every day. I just wanted to say thank you!
The artwork on our walls are photographs of our cookies. We do sell artwork by some amazing Wisconsin artists.
Do you ever play around with different flavors of cookies or icing or do you use the same recipe for both for every cookie?
Awww, Cindy, I am humbled by your words. Thank you.
Amandamn, yes, we offer different flavors. Almond is our most popular flavor, we do chocolate, gingerbread, lemon, pumpkin pie spice ...
Do your cookies sell out on almost a daily basis or do you find some time periods are busier than others? I would love to come visit your bakery in person!
Jill and Julia, I have to run but look forward to reading the entire transcript. Jill, thank you so much for sharing so much information. So happy to have "met" more of you during this chat and look forward to smiling each day after seeing your cookies!! Best to you and Gep during the holiday season!!
Thanks, Cookie Celebration! There are still a few of your questions in the queue; we aim to get to them, so please do check the transcript at the end. Thanks for your great questions!
Posting Jill's response to Amandamn - Amandamn, we definitely have a busy time of year. We call it "in season" ... from May through October. We sell out daily during that timeframe. November and December are pretty busy as well. We close for the month of January and then slowly ramp up again to "in season."
Hi, Jill! I'm a huge fan of your decorating aesthetic. I follow you on Instagram, (you even commented and liked one of my photos that was inspired by some cookies you made ! 😳😊) Your style is completely recognizable. Everything is so seamless! It appears that you achieve this by a lot of wet-on-wet. Is this the case? Is it also possible that you use an airbrush to provide additional depth? Tthanks for being here today. You're at the top of my favorites list; a true inspiration!
Why none of my posts ?
Sorry, Dena! They are coming. We had many in the queue before yours, and I am also trying to group similar questions to help out Jill.
Denaj321, yes, I do a ton of wet-next-to-wet. It is quicker and more efficient for me. Everyone has their own style, this is just what works best for me. I also love to pull out my airbrush ... totally takes the design to the next level!
Jill is very popular. So there is a lot to manage on this end today - sorry to all for delays in posting your questions, but we will get to them all, I assure you!
What brand airbrush color do you use?
Ah. I wasn't sure if mine were coming through ... 😊
Bonnie, I mainly use Americolor, but I have used ChefMaster with good results as well.
Dena - They are coming through - there are at least two more from you. But, again, I'm trying to group similar questions and to input them in an order that relates to the discussion flow, as well as when they were received.
And what brand of airbrush do you use?
I have a very old Pegasus airbrush system, BUT I just won a Genie from a raffle on Sweet Hope Cookies!
Just a quick time check: we have 6 more questions in the queue . . . to get through in the next 15 minutes. Hang on tight!
Another coloring question from Dena . . . you answered about airbrush coloring already, so please answer this one about coloring for mixing in icing . . .
Jill, what brand of color do you prefer..?
While Julia is working on questions, I just want to take a moment to THANK THE ENTIRE COOKIE COMMUNITY for their dedication and support of the Go Bo! Foundation!
Denaj321, I mainly use Americolor.
Ooooh! And I remember once you asked fans about what kind of music we would play in the Funky Cookie Studio... So.... What did you decide on ?
Mine is not a question but just appreciation about your commitment in the "Go Bo" fundation. I saw the way it has grown, since you started, in terms of funds raised, cookiers and people involved. The picture of the crowd in your IG feed gives the dimension of the event. . I couldn't have imagined. I also loved to see the other pics of the volunteers, amount of boxes of cookies received and sent, sponsors who donate gift boxes and ribbons...
Thanks so much for an awesome chat, Julia & Jill. I'm a huge fan of you both!!
Thanks, Dena!
Sandra and Liz U, you have both beed waiting very patiently. Thank you! Your questions are up next after Jill answers the one from Dena about music.
Sigh, Manu, I am continually amazed by this awesome little cookie community!
Ach, I still am not all that excited about the Pandora station I created for the Studio ... I have to say, though, when "Sugar, Sugar" comes on I get goosebumps!
It seems like there is always a new cookie gadget coming out. I wish I could buy them al but that's impossible on a teacher's salary. What basic tools/gadgets do you recommend?
While Jill answers Sandra's question, I am posting one from Cookie Celebration that I believe Jill answered earlier. It seems like Jill is 100-percent occupied with her studio and GoBo!, but I agree that a calendar from Jill would be wonderful!
Sandra, I have a few favorites ... my scribe, Lilaloa's color reference charts, a cookie turntable and of course, my very favorite TIPLESS BAGS!
We do sell cards and postcards of our cookies in the Studio!
I also did the month of November for the 2017 Charity Cookie Calendar headed by Killer Zebras!
Sorry, I had a technical issue and had to re-boot my computer.
Hey Jill, since you are creating 365 cookie designs a year.....why not make a calendar? Really! Imagine a tear off sheet for each day that has one of your cookies on it...that would make a lot of people smile each day!
Above is the question from Cookie Celebration to which I was referring.
I was sorry to not have the time this year to participate in the GOBO Foundation but want to strive for next year. What's it all about and do you run the event each year near Halloween? You are one busy lady!!
Sugar Sugar! And cards
Another question related to the GoBo Sale . . .
Good morning Jill, I want to thank you for including all the cookiers in the world for inviting us to help with the GoBo Foundation your commitment has inspired many of us out here in this sometimes frustrating world of cookies! I have already started thinking about designs for next year! Will the sale be during the same time in the Fall?
LiZ U, your question is up next and then one last one from Zucchero Cookies.
We'll be wrapping up after the last two questions from LizU and Zucchero, so we're only taking comments at this time.
You can find out more about the Go Bo! Foundation by visiting
Yes, lots of info there. Thanks for the link, Jill.
Onto Liz U!
Hi Jill! I feel like I know you... truly you are one of my favorite cookiers EVER! Such an inspiration to me. So I have a question about technique. Interested in your how you go about decorating. Your lines seem to be seamless... do you flood with white first, then color, then the lines? Wet on Wet? I'll enclose a picture to show what I'm talking about. https://scontent.fsnc1-1.fna.f...ed52&oe=58BE88AF
Hi, ladies, I hate to do this, but we cannot accept any more questions, as we are already 30 minutes over chat time and I don't want to keep Jill from her studio much longer.
Liz U, the picture you reference is my "new" style. Yes, it is all wet-next-to-wet, then detailed.
We have two more questions . . .
Which brand of tipless bags do you use? I just had one burst open last night😫
It has been wonderful having coffee with you two wonderful ladies! I am a huge fan of you both❤️
No need to publish this but I wanted to thank you both (Julia and Jill) for taking the time out of both of your busy schedules to do this for us!! <3
Any mistakes or unsharp edges are cleaned up by overpiping on top.
Zucchero Cookies, I use the tipless bags from TMP.
Thanks, Barb. My pleasure. I always learn so much by talking to other cookiers - it's one of the most gratifying things that I do.
And for our last question!
Jill my question is as always your ongoing daily beautiful cookies you create for your perfect store do you also work on painting or drawing on paper or canvas media as well? I am asking because I did see the pictures and postcards comment but I was hoping for some larger designs we could frame and put up on our walls for daily inspiration?
Thank you very much, Jill, for your time and for sharing so much of your cookie experience, as a decorator and an entrepeneur, that was very interesting. And thanks to your husband as well for sharing his baking secrets. Thank you so much, Julia. Have a nice weekend!
Thank you Julia and Jill for spending time with us today and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and humor!
Thank you, Jill for taking the time to answer my questions!
While Jill answers Patsy's question, let me also thank Jill for sharing herself with us today - and every day! Her cookies are a true joy!
Patsy's Cookies, now you have me thinking!!!!!
Love you Jill. Keep the faith!!
Smooch, Bonnie!
Also, thank you to everyone for making this such a lively chat! I think the high level of activity is what bogged down my computer and caused me to re-boot!
I love that you used the word "joy" to describe our cookies, Julia. That is exactly what we are trying to achieve with our cookies.
Thanks, guys, it was so nice to chat with you this morning.
Thank you Jill and Julia you are busy ladies your time is so appreciated by us all!
Thanks again, Jill and everyone! I'm closing the chat now. If you have recommendations for January and other 2017 chat guests, please private message me here or email!
Happy holiday, everyone!
This chat has ended.
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