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Laurie-Whimsy Cookie Co.

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December 18


Germantown, TN


United States

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Hi! I am Laurie, Founder/Owner of Whimsy Cookie Co.  I started making cookies using my moms sugar cookie recipe in 2007 and with the encouragement of my family and friends it quickly became a huge hit!!  I love what I do and my dream was to one day open a cookie boutique and I did just that in August '12. I adore my little place an enjoy being there every day..I love what I do!  I also acquired a business partner in the summer of 2012, Collins Tuohy(you know her family from the movie The Blind Side), she is Director of Sales & Marketing and is now co-owner.  We make a great team..she markets and sells our cookies and I make and design our cookies..along with my 25 great employees.  We are now talking about expanding our space and opening a second business is great! I have met so many cookie friends through the years and find inspiration from them everyday.  I hope to make new cookie friends her and learn from you all. Hugs & Cookies!! Laurie Suriff 

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Just Go For it!!

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Founder/Owner & cookie artist

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3600 cookies for one order! whew!

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