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This is another option to make a Christmas Tree of cookie cards (my November tutorial  here on Cookie Connection.) I kept it very minimal, without adding a star, but just filled the spaces with chocolate little balls... Well, the truth is that I did make a star, but I broke it while looking for the perfect light for the perfect picture, as I forgot how delicate it was!!!... that explains the massive snow on the tree top piped after!


Another idea was to add two more stories to make an Advent Calendar, fill the (24) spaces with treats and decorate the tree top space with a star.
The cookies are not going to be eaten as the structure will be displayed for almost a month, so stenciling is not only a time saver, but this way I avoided to waste royal icing to flood and decorate almost 45 cookies.
I used one of the few stencils that I have at home, ordered last year to participate to the PBP stencil challenge. This one is by @Kat Rutledge-ibicci, the feathered swirl made me think about the wind blowing.


Actually the idea stroke from the Noel β€œbackground stencil”, one of the 5 pieces of the Noel Prettier Plaques Stencil Set by @Julia M. Usher, with pine cones and branches, perfect for a Christmas tree! I would have kept the contrast between the white royal icing and the dark dough but I would have added golden or silver dust accents on the pine cones, made a golden or silver star and filled the spaces with golden or silver chocolate balls. Too bad the idea came too late and I didn’t have enough time to order it and used it in this project though, but surely in time for next year!


I then made little triangular windows to cover the spaces in the structure and I added a Christmas ball transfer with a number on each one.


IMPORTANT TIP: It would be easier to glue the windows to the structure BEFORE piping the β€œsnow” all over the structure!!!... but again the idea to close the spaces with windows came right after I piped the snow!


To release the treat, just push the Christmas balls with your finger and the window will break... 24 chances to break a transfer and be happy about that!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„







Images (7)
  • A Christmas Tree of Cookie Cards 2: Design, Cookie and Photo by Manu
  • A Christmas Tree of Cookie Cards 2: Design, Cookie and Photo by Manu
  • Stenciled Cookies
  • Noel Prettier Plaques 5 Pc Set Stencil by Julia M. Usher
  • Royal Icing Transfers: Design and Photo by Manu
  • Advent Cookie Calendar: Design, Cookie and Photo by Manu
  • Advent Cookie Calendar: Design, Cookie and Photo by Manu
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Julia M. Usher posted:

Love them both, but especially the advent calendar! You have been busy!

Thank you, Julia! If I look back I see two busy moments: looking for a different option to decorate cookies leftover from the tutorial and taking pictures.

Then decorate and assemble was fun and quite quick. Sharing and receiving feedback is rewarding! 

I definetly want to try the Noel stencil! 

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

How wonderful Manu!!! I just love this creative idea and your work is fabulous, as always . Is this project also a tutorial ? I'm guessing that the ornaments are also cookies...they are so beautiful!!

Thank you, Carol @Cookies Fantastique!

Yes, you can follow my November Tutorial to make this project.
This is quicker because you will stencil the cookies rather than flooding them. For the bases though, just cut the cookies following step 1 point a and simply bake them. You will then stencil them and glue them togheter later. The β€œsnow” will cover all the seams. No need to frankencookie-ing in the oven (no need to have one single piece for each of the bases) because there won’t be the flooding to make them sturdier.
If you want to make the Advent calendar you just need to add 2 more stories to the basic structure.

The ornaments are real... and, without revealing too much, there will be an ornament in a future tutorial... not 3D though😊

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