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This may have been the most satisfying of all the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenges I've done. Mainly because this little girl blowing bubbles has lived in my imagination for years now. I just couldn't figure out how to make the bubbles (and really wished I knew how to make candy drops!) Christine @Bakerloo Station thank you so much for making me learn how to do this!!! I chose a very small simple recipe to make my candy with just 3 ingredients. Sugar, Water and Corn Syrup. Boiled till 250ish and then experimented with molds and pouring on greased trays and these delightful little glass like bubbles! So so thankful to have learned how to do this! Thanks Julia and Christine for pushing me beyond my comfort zone (yet again) and helping me grow. 

Julia M. Usher posted:

Oops, I see now that this cutie was your first entry, not the other. Why did you only boil to 250F - wasn't the sugar soft and sticky at this point?

Impatience. It was my first try. It ended very hard but a tiny bit sticky. Overall a great learning experience. I was afraid it would darken if I left it too long. But I heated it slowly and it did stay clear. Next time I will go hotter.

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Annesweets posted:

Very cool! Amazing that you can draw art for cookie like a painting! 

What type, edible pens? 

Thanks so much, Anne! I actually sketched my mental picture on paper, and then paint on the cookie. I use gel Americolors and a paint pallet and after flooding white RI (and allowing to dry for a day), I paint, rather like water color style painting, right on the cookie. 

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