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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #16

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Bakerloo Station posted:

I love this SO MUCH!  Not only do I like that you made a million roses, but the whole scene is AMAZING.  I love the splash of background color in the upper left corner, and that little vase on the table is brilliant.  (Is it isomalt?) And then... the fact that this is a PUZZLE!  So many great things going on here!

Thank you, Christine! At the beginning the idea was to put the three cookies (climbing roses, roses in vase and wreath) on a paper with the black and white sketch. Then I thought the white paper could have been a huge A4 cookie. And then came the idea of the puzzle, as thinking of flooding an A4 surface did scare me. Although making a puzzle wasn't easier! And once I sketched on the cookies, and tried the roses on black and white, I thought to add some color on the background behind roses, as the challenge is all about roses. The vase is made of jelly... It is an experiment. Isomalt or melted candy would work better, I will try soon.

I don't know if I would have ever learn to pipe roses if it wasn't for this challenge... thank you.

swissophie posted:

So you did get them just the right size . Absolutely spectacular, Manu!!! Your roses are perfect!


Thank you so much!

, yes, Sonja, I finally got them the right size: 101 the bunch of roses and 101S the climbing roses. I wanted the 101 less open, like in a real bunch of roses, and that was quite hard! No problem with the 101S on the climbing bush. I should have added more leaves though.

Cookie Celebration LLC posted:

Really fantastic idea and execution Manu!  I love this puzzle set!  The roses look SO real!

Thank you so much, Diane. A lot of "practice"! For each rose in the vase there are at least 5 roses leftovers. The smaller climbing roses were much more easier as I didn't have to worry if the were too opened.

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