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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #15

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Manu posted:
Sweets_by_me posted:

beautiful, Manu, this is a very original creation!

Thank you Stefania. Honestly my work is very similar to the original tile design, I kept the leaves and changed the flowers. I was catched by the contrast between the green and the blu, the design of the branches and all the simmetries... and I turned everything in cookies.


I appreciate your honesty, but I was referring in particular to the vast number of variation that you have submitted. You are so creative.

Bakerloo Station posted:

I know EXACTLY which picture this is inspired by!!!!  One of my very favorite tile pictures!  I LOVE how you were able to arrange and rearrange the same cookies into so many different and beautiful patterns.  That's really what tile work is all about anyway.  WELL DONE.

Yes, those green leaves with the small white flower and the minimal red accent are simply beautiful and I had to keep them  in my cookie set. I was mesmerized by the design of that tile, it looks like a pinwheel. Then I find myself playing with the cookies and finding many different patterns... As I already mentioned to Julia, it was "the power of the challenge!".

A big thank you, Christine!

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Blue Sky Cookies posted:

Brilliant~!    Love the gold with the dark blue, & the way you edged them in gold before flooding! (Did you???)   It really gives them the feel of tiles.  Also, the shapes (& options for layouts) are fabulous.  Did you cut out the small branch cookies by hand?  Thx for sharing.  Love your art!

Thank you!

Actually I added (painted) the gold accents at the very end. The whole set was really dark and dull, especially the blu cookies. I piped some white royal icing drops on the flowers, on the branches and on the blue leaves,  but it didn't work out, still dull. So I painted the RI drops with gold extended luster, and the edges of the other cookies too. I was lucky to have a some sun so that the gold shined while I took the pic.

I did cut by hand all the small branches and the green and blu leaves. I somehow fell in love with that elements of the tile design, that recurs also in many other different tiles. Probably with all that different design in mind I ended up finding many options to arrange the cookies... as I said that happened by chance when I was putting away the cookies.

Thanks for the kind words.

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