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I wanted to participate to this challenge badly, but I didn't have enough "sets" of cookies in my portfolio, especially with at list four cookies.

This set is a "redo" of the set I made for PBP Challenge #15-Istanbul, inspired by the architectural elements of the Blue Mosque.

Looking up at the Dome...

That was the first time that I dared to make something looking like a puzzle, that I filed the cookies, and one of my first time at handpainting with food colors.
The details could have been more precise on the archs, the semi-domes and the pillars but I was very happy with the final outcome, which was kind of mesmerizing,
Actually I had those patterns so printed in my mind after making that set, that I painted them again on the set I made right after (Easter Egg) which could be considered already a kind of "redo".

Easter Eggs 2016

Back to this challenge, in order to avoid making a "nearly exact copy" of the old set I played with the architectural elements and I tryed to "re-image" it. So I sketched it from a different point of view. The elements (cookies) are the same but their shape has changed because I changed the perspective, as this is (my very free interpretation of) a birds eye view. 


I am not sure this is the way it would really look, but it was the idea to start.

When I look at the final outcome I see a huge abstract flower like those you see inside a kaleidoscope. So just imagine to be looking through a kaleidoscope while turning the cell to change the pattern.

Kaleidoscope 2


Images (4)
  • Looking up at the Dome...: Cookies and photo by Manu
  • Easter Eggs 2016: Cookies and photo by Manu
  • Kaleidoscope: Cookies and photo by Manu
  • Kaleidoscope 2: Cookies and photo by Manu
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Manu posted:
Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Oh-------!   I cannot think any other word.  Very beautiful and very precise.  And I was really looking forward to your entry.  

Thank you, Ryoko. It took me forever to paint it!

Sure it did!  It is hard for me to concentrate on something for long.   Just cutting out the cookie dough with knife is hard for me.  You are amazing.