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Thank you!!! I'm happy!

My recipe: 1 kg floor, 0,5 kg powered sugar, 215 g honey, 6 egg (315g), 18 g gigerbread spice, 18 g baking soda. You mix the dough. Next day you can bake.

you can put in 125 g butter if you want. It will be more delicious. It will be nice too.

I don't put in, because most of my gingerbreads are gifts, souvenirs and ornamental piece. It's ponderous without butter.

Daub with milk before you bake it in owen, with fan, 175-180 Celsius,

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Dear Kimberlie,
Thank you for your kindly worlds.
It just a simple cookie, but it may be a top to a round cookie box! It's good idea!
If I make it larger, there are a place on the brink of it, around for gradulatory caption.

My orderers request this usually.  My gingierbread gifts will be personalized presents for this.
Boxes full of delicious and nice cookies are great souvenir.  

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