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September 13


Orange Park, FL


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It's funny how one thing can change your life. I got started surfing the web for inspiration to make a Valentine Gift for the other Administravtive Assistants I used to work with and ran into Glorious Treats instructions for her 3D Heart Cookie Boxes.  I thought how hard could it be all the instructions are here, boy was I wrong and the Admins received their boxes after Valentines.  I was always looking up something trying to figure out what I did wrong, the cookies spreading, the icing not drying, how to use a piping bag and so much more.  I fell in love with the medium and take it one bite at a time. Thank you @Glorious Treats, I will never forget those cookies and will make them again.

Been out of the cookie loop for quite some time, had a lot going on personally in my life and now I'm back, can't wait to start sharing and reading all the posts again.

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Take it one bite at a time.

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