Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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So hear me out... I wanted to address this challenge, but I also wanted to do so in a way that wouldn't exceed (too far) my current skill set. Chatting with my spouse we were joking about all the possible interpretations and toilet bowl came up. I said, "You could call it polar opposites if you had the eddies going in different directios for the different hemispheres of the earth."

We laughed and I figured that wouldn't be to hard.

Well, for the first part, getting the wet-on-wet eddy to work was harder than I thought. Next time (hah!) I need to try more of the darker color and perhaps something bigger than a trussing needle to drag through the bowl.

For the next part, as I tried to take the surgar syrup to the hard crack stage, it began to caramlize a bit, which turns yellow, which, well, looks like pee in a toilet bowl.


It gets even better when I show it next to it's polar opposite where some of the syrup hit the tank cover. Someone needs to work on aim! And fyi, trying to get sugar syrup in the hard crack stage off the tank cover breaks the cookie.

Hope this gave some of you chuckles


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