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The round cookie (which is another cookie variation of my recent tutorial inspired by the previous "lace" challenge) is decorated with quilled wafer paper leaves, flowers, and a stem (a stripe inserted in the space between the two cookie rings that make up the embroidery hoop).
Wafer Paper Flowers: I painted the wafer paper and cut out some flowers with a craft puncher. I was able to bend and give a bud shape to the flower by keeping it over the steam of boiling water enough time to dampen and "model" it without breakage. By the time I quick shaped it, it got dry and kept the shape (that's why I prefer steam to water). I then assembled the three pieces by glueing them with corn syrup. I piped a drop of royal icing in the center of the flower and added nonpareils. 


The other four cookies are simply decorated with handpainted stripes of wafer paper made flexible by dampening it with the "steam technique" so again I could roll them around the cookie bobbins without breaking them. I glued them to the cookie with touches of corn syrup.


This is a non-entry, but still a way to take part to the challenge and have fun!

PBP Challenge #22 |Manu


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Teresa PΔ™kul posted:

Oryginalna praca, bardzo mi siΔ™ podoba  

DziΔ™ki, Teresa!

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

I love this set!  I am going to definitely make your embroidery hoop cookies for Mother's Day!!!  this year. 

Thank you, Ryoko, can't wait!

carouselselsel posted:

This is so beatiful, Manu!

Thank you, Zara!


pip posted:

Oh my gosh, she even made the bobbins!, was my first thought when I saw this amazing cookie.   It's wonderful Manu, simply wonderful. 


Thank you so much, pip, and I used two cutters to make the bobbins, they aren't hand-cut cookies! 

To make bobbins you need a square cookie cutter and a cake cookie cutter to cut notches into the sides of the square cutout.



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Sweet Prodigy - Christine posted:

So wonderfully done, Manu. And now you've got me wondering if I can do a transparent mesh grid  with royal icing...

Yes, sure, if there is somebody who has the perfect piping skills and can do that it is you! You are the one who makes this delicate kind of transfers.

My handpiped grids are awful, so SugarVeil was just perfect for what I had in mind and especially for the monogram on the transparent grid.

 So, can't wait to see the outcome!


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La Shay by Ferda Ozcan posted:

Dear Manu,

These cookies are so amazing I can't find enough words to describe my appreciation. Very creative, very unique, very celever, very artistic... 

I already ordered Sugarveil needlepoint mat, can't wait to try this set of cookies. 

Thanks for sharing them with us ❀️❀️❀️

Thank you, Ferda, once I am inspired by something  ideas keep developing and practice makes perfect, as you can also see from the demo photo of the bobbins that I took today where I used a square cutter that was a little big bigger than the one I used in the set and makes the difference in the proportions.

My biggest fear is to "spam" with the same kind of cookies. I like the idea that I have inspired you instead.