Patterns of Good Luck!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #24

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Here is my entry, "Patterns of Good Luck!!"

They are all japanese traditional patterns which have been loved by people since more than 1000 years.

1. Three Friends of Winter, Shochikubai ( pine, bamboo, and plum)
2. Crane
3. Peony

It's believed that they bring good luck and you can see these patterns in many traditional Kimonos.

May the cookies bring you good lock!!

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Very beautiful!!!  You make me realize we (Japanese) really have wonderful tradition and culture.  Great entry!  

Thank you Ryoko san. 

Manu posted:

Very nice! We keep learning a lot of the Japanese tradition through the cookies inspired by Christine's Challenges!

Thank you!! I also learned a lot of our tradition and culture during working out the cookie-designs for this challenge

Bakerloo Station posted:

OK, so I just liked and commented on these without even realizing they were for the challenge!  That's how good these are at masking the original butterfly shape!

Oh you didn't realize that!! I also used one of these butterfly shapes upside down!
The butterfly shapes can be thousand different things... what an interesting challenge it is