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Thanksgiving . . . A Little Late

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I'm getting a few of this year's Thanksgiving cookies posted later than I had least they were done in time for the actual day . Many thanks to Julia @Julia M. Usher for her gorgeous stencil design for this fall/Thanksgiving. I pretty much used the same palette of colors as she did with a few slight modifications to the end design. Why mess with something as beautiful as Julia's work?!

Also, I want to make sure to give Marlyn of Montreal Confections a special nod for her idea of adding some space between the front cookie (turkey in this case) and the back cookie ("feathers") so that there's a small space for adding little treats. It made for a fun 3D cookie. You can see Marlyn's work on her YouTube page: She's so talented and I've learned much from her over the years @Montreal Confections. Thank you Marlyn!

I did some hand painting with the heart shaped cookie with the dark background and pumpkin with feathers (a basic stencil but modified and painted in this instance).

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving if you celebrate it . I, for one, am so very thankful for this community of amazingly talented cookiers ❀️❀️❀️

Julia M. Usher posted:

I love the whole set, and I am, of course, thrilled to see my "Give Thanks" set used so expertly! 

Thank you so very much Julia @Julia M. Usher ! Your stencils are beyond amazing, versatile and so beautiful in their exquisite detail! I love "playing" with them but this one...I just couldn't imagine how to improve your gorgeous color combo and extra "more is more" elements. Too much fun ❀️❀️

swissophie posted:

Oh, Carol, what a beautiful set! all of julia's stencils are fantastic. This one with the warm fall colors is one of my favorites. and i so love your little turkeys ❀️❀️❀️!!! I bet they were a blast with your family's little ones !

Thank you so much dear Sonja @iSugarfy (aka swissophie) ❀️❀️. I couldn't agree more about Julia's stencils and I think this particular one has become my favorite. Couldn't imagine improving on the colors...they're too perfect for the season.

Our "little ones" (gandkiddos that is) are now 14 and 12! At least the 2 that live close to us. Cookies are always a hit at any age, especially when they're decorated, right?!

I hope you are doing well my dear friend ❀️

Dolce Flo posted:

Oh, so beautiful set Carol, @Cookies Fantastique. Perfectly  executed  on the beautiful @Julia M. Usher stencil design. Love them!

Thank you dear Flo ❀️ @Dolce Flo!! Aren't Julia's stencils just gorgeous and so versatile?! I love working with them and have fun trying to select which ones to combine to create a new look. But it sure is hard to improve on any of Julia's fabulous designs!!

I really appreciate your kind words...I just love your work and admire your skill and talent ❀️❀️❀️