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August 7


Redlands, CA


United States

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Hi! I'm Stephanie, a self taught, amateur baker and cookier. I have always had a passion for baking, and my friends tell me I am really good at it! I love to bake all things, but my heart lies in cookies, I LOVE COOKIES! 

My dream has always been to own a bakery that's a bar, or a bar that's a bakery...a Barkery (get it!?). What better way to enjoy a nice cookie or cupcake than with the perfect alcoholic (or non-alcoholic if thats your prerogative) beverage alongside it? It is the perfect mix! This idea of mine is a long way off, but definitely inspired this little brand I created; Bake N' Bubbly. This dream of mine may be in the distant future, but something I will always be working towards. So, until then, I will continue to bake my little heart out with a glass of bubbly in my hand!

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