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Baker Bliss Maker, LLC.

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October 16


Fullerton, CA


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We are a bite-size, boutique bakery specializing in highly customized baked goods.  We are a Certified Cottage Food Bakery in Fullerton, California, and specialize in edible imaging, custom sugar work, custom lace, corporate logo work...the list goes on.  We are ALWAYS looking for the newest and most exciting techniques and products out on the market to satisfy our client's needs and give them a personalized experience from start to finish.  We bake with whole food, locally sourced indredients when available and also have certified gluten free, vegan, and PALEO recipes to better serve our client's special nutritional needs.

I started my bakery in a unique way....fractions!  In 2005, I ran a marathon that made me VERY sick and left me permanently disabled with several chronic pain conditions, migraines, etc. One health condition I was forced to deal with were TIA's, or mini strokes. RIDICULOUS! After one of my TIA "episodes" in 2010, my fraction and math skills took a hike! I was reaching for my Iphone to do my son's math homework and realized..."THIS AIN'T GONNA WORK!"

So....I thought about what I could do to get this part of my brain working again, and I LOVED to bake, so I started baking....and baking....and baking and baking andbkingandbakingandbakinggggggggggggggggg! I baked until the seams in my little kitchen were bursting and my kids and family and neighbors were bursting at the seams! And as I baked....more and more people were asking me to bake for them and asking me to do "a little something special" on the side for them....and so my journey began.

I decided to name my bakery Baker Bliss Maker, because my goal with this bakery is to bring bliss to every single person whose lips touch my baked goodies. I literally get goose bumps just from watching someone eat something I've baked for them! It is a high like no other and something that makes my heart sing! So, this bakery brings bliss to everyone it surrounds and if I can bring "bliss" to people's lives, then I am living my dream and making my life what it is supposed to be about...bringing bliss filled moments through my baking.

Well....there you go! A little something about our bakery. I hope it brings a bliss filled smile to your lips and warms your heart just a wee bit. We hope we have the privilege of baking for you and we are excited to meet you and oh so excited to bake for you!

Happy Bliss Baking-


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Find. Your. Bliss.

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Unknowingly baking for son's 1st Bday Party for Event Planner & Head Chef at Disneyland Resorts!

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45 minutes

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