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June 29


Smithsburg, MD


United States

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Hobby baker and cake decorator which actually does more with cakes than I do cookies but am working on improving my cookie decorating skills.

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There isn't anything in life a good cookie can't make better.

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Hobbyist Decorator

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RetirementCommunity/Property Manager

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Cookies no, Cakes yes

Best Cookie Memory

making gingerbread cookies with my great-grandmother as a child and then on "Black Friday" with my mother. My mother and I went shopping on ONE black friday when I was a kid. We were nearly trampled to death somewhere and we both (and for me to say I didn't want to shop was a greater miracle than the Easter Sunday miracle) so we made that the day we "officially" began our Christmas baking with doing cookies ALL DAY. After about 10 years or so we had quite a routine down to it. Unfortunately the health for both of us won't allow us to do it any longer. I miss it.