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Becky Becker

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April 15


Beaver, OK


United States

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I am a cookie enthusiast.  I have only been baking sugar cookies for the last three years.  During my twins senior year I decided to attempt sugar cookie design and it was a total flop.  I have been baking ever since my big flop, teaching myself from u-tube and reading everything I can get my hands on.  I guess you could say it has become a cookie obsession.  I literally live in No-Man's-Land and resources are nil, so I to glean as much information about cooking from books, internet, and Pinterest.  I would love to attend some classes on cookieing.  I love to bake because if you are always celebrating, you do not have time to be sad!  I had four children and lost one at the age of 11 and two years later lost another at the age of 15.  Through cookieing, I get to celebrate the birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and wedding showers that I missed out on.  Like I said, "If you are always celebrating the here and now, what you can wrap your arms around today, you do not have time to be sad!".  Cookieing has brought me a lot of joy and healing!



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My best cookie memory has to be my first attempt during my twins Senior year in High-School, I decided to make that Christmas a special one by making sugar cookies, and my stars turned out to look like puffy poinsettias. I just about cried in frustration, but sought to conquer the task by asking for tips from previous bakers, books, and u-tube videos.

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Five dozen

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One hour

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I just messed this all up by answering the question below the box.