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Brooke Bowman

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May 15


Norman, OK


United States

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I was a stay at home step-mom of 3 boys. I was bored when they all started school so I started "playing". I did cookies for friends and neighbors and then we up and moved from Midland, TX to Norman, OK. They asked me to create a facebook page to keep up with whatever cookies I was at home "playing" with that they would no longer be reaping the benefits of me delivering to them. I posted a few sets of cookies, got a few shares, and boom, I was a business. April 2020 will be 5 years I have been at it.

Wise Words To Chew On

"You May Delay, But Time Will NOT" (heeeyyy fellow procrastibakers ;)

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

Primary Occupation

Cookieing has become my life

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Best Cookie Memory

Anytime my teen boys say, "yep, you nailed it"

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

450 minis

Most Time Spent On One Cookie

2 hours

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