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Cindy OK

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October 21


Green Bay, WI


United States

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Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 2


Wise Words To Chew On

Cookies are a communication of Love❤️

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Owner of licensed family day care

Cookies For Sale, Yes or No?

Just to family , friends and for donation

Best Cookie Memory

5 yrs ago when my daughter was watching the Bare Foot Contessa she had a guest on that made royal iced animals and a humongous cake that was a center focus at an animal benefit. Her name is Patty Page and own's Baked Idea's. I almost fell getting to the remote so I could tape this segment. This was my first encounter with royal iced cookies. For years I wondered how to keep the icing from dripping off the sides of the cookie. I resorted to just dipping them in the glaze, if you will, and that was that until I saw this segment on Food Network. I hit the jack pot. Patty shared her recipe for cookie dough and step-by -step tutorial on making and applying royal icing. I was in heaven and must have hit the pause and rewind button over 100 times to write down and view everything. I made my 4 year old grandson Angry Bird cookies using several different cutters and decorating them off of a photo my daughter-in-law sent me. For the first time they turned out beautiful

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

40 - 5 inch cookies

Most Time Spent On One Cookie

Hard to say seeing as the drying time over night and in between application's for assembly line decorating can take 2 days.