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Hillary Ramos

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August 14


Warwick, RI


United States

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Hillary Ramos decorated her first cookie in January of 2011, for her son's second birthday. Little did she know she would become The Cookie Countess, and it would turn into a new passion and career path for her and her family. After being a hobby decorator turned cookie-order-taker, Hillary began experimenting with stenciling her cookies, and quickly decided to design and sell her own stencils. Starting with only a few designs, The Cookie Countess has since grown to having over 800 stencil designs. The Cookie Countess has also expanding into offering custom made products like their new Precision Rolling Pin, and much loved supplies such as cookie cutters, airbrush machines and colors, and storage solutions for all those fabulous stencils. In 2015, her husband Jon joined in the cookie fun and has helped grow their business to a one stop shop for cookie decorators. You can see her store at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook for cookie tutorials and inspiration.

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