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Karina Gonçalves

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September 18


Salvador - Bahia Brazil



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The first contact I had with a decorated biscuit was in 2013 in Florianópolis when I got a very simple written I love you from my fiance, but it didn't call me so much attention at first. In 2020 I became a mother and looking for decoration for my baby's 3 month birthday cake, I came across a cookie cake top and was delighted at the same time. I dug into the search and came across a box of decorated cookie godparents invitations and immediately felt like doing it. So, I went in search of a course in the area and met Jéssika from Confeitei cookies who became my first teacher. I started the course in December 2020 and at Christmas I sold my first kit to a friend. Since then I continued training every day during the night, while my baby was sleeping, until the first orders came and with the amount received, I started to invest in more courses, took Camila da It Candy's course, Easter cookie art show, Naty 1u geek, Cookiefy method with Mariana Meireles, Management with Jucy Freitas, Management with Lara Parodi. Lately I have been meeting and performing with the technique of frosting and relief painting.


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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Graphic designer