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December 13


Latrobe, PA


United States

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Hi I’m Laura

I fell in love with baking around the age of twelve when my mom and I took a Wilton cake decorating class at Sears. I guess most people would find that funny today but in the late seventies we didn’t have craft stores in our area like today!  but we had Sears and back then Sears had everything even cake decorating class.

After that my cake decorating adventure began, at 16 I worked at a local restaurant making salads but found my way into the in house bakery where I baked all kinds of desserts and learned to decorated wedding cakes, I done that for several years before moving on, but I never lost the love of decorating cakes so I continued to make cakes for friends and families just for fun.

Then a few years ago I was preparing for my sons wedding and my interest in cookies was peaked when I came across some wedding dress cookies my with royal icing, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were so I decided to try making them for the bridal shower and found a whole new love for the art of decorating.



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