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Laurie B.

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September 24


Peterborough, ON



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K9H 1E7

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Hmm!  What to say?

My life with icing and various sweet medium canvasses started at a young age. I like to say my decorating love began when as a 10-year-old, I said, "Mom, I'm bored!!!" At which she plunked an old Wilton plunger in my hand, pointed me to her Wilton magazines and told me to make dessert for dinner.

My first project turned out to be a lovely sunburned pink panther cake.

After that came wedding cakes, three dimensional cookie trees, gingerbread houses for whatever season going, cookie boxes stuffed with decorated gingerbread and sugar cookies. This all before cookie-ing was a thing.  I did some demos in large women's groups of a couple hundred and sold stuff 30-ish years ago, but never got serious about any of it. Such a shame! Anyhoo. 

About seven years ago with the advent of google images etc., I started seeing all the cookie stuff and fell head over heels.

I currently am trying to nail down a biz name and all that jazz that goes with being a bit more serious about my art tools and canvass.

Cheers all.

Laurie B.



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