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Leah Hella Hearts Sugar

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January 16


Martinez, CA


United States

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Living overseas I realized that if I wanted a really, really good chocolate chip cookie I was going to have to make it. So I worked and worked on getting it right and I just couldn't stop. I went from drop cookies, to cakes and then I ended up at decorated cookies where I became completely obsessed. With a supportive husband and 2 enthusiastic kids who love cookies, I finally went legit and started my own cottage baking business, I Hella Heart Sugar. One of the best things ever is the cookie community. You guys are awesome.


Wise Words To Chew On

As pretty as they are, ALL cookies are made to be EATEN!

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Best Cookie Memory

Making cookie ornaments with my mother for Christmas

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

I can't tell you how many, but it was enough when my son got up one morning and said, "Mom, did you ever go to bed?"

Most Time Spent On One Cookie

Probably 2-3 hours

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