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Mary Gómez Alvarez

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July 6


La Coruña



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Hi Julia!: Nice to "talk" with you and you have opened this group for all who adore and admire your cookies. My love of baking comes along. I like cooking, but especially sweets (cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, Bundts, etc). I made a lot of cookies and all the truth, everyone likes what I do and how decorum. Someday I'll send a picture ja, jal. Yo I do not do this: I'm in a big company adminstrativa Telecommunications and in my spare time, among other things, I am dedicated to do these things and attend courses where I learn a lot (the last and that you can learn: Sharon Wee, Jacqueline Butler "Sweet Petal", Carlos LISCHETTI, Molly, Eva Benavente and others we have here in Spain and perhaps you did not know). For square also got to give Sweet Ambs in October in Madrid: also love their cookies. Well, and I think that's all. I hope to get a place to make one of your courses in Barcelona, which are to be published and, if so, there we shall see. A kiss, Mary

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there are many and I would not know which one to choose

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