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December 25


Gibsonburg, OH


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Homemaker, mother of five, grandmothers to 13. Actively working since I was 16. I have a long history in retail and food service from working on the turnpike to assistant manager at Arby's.

I have been baking cookies, candy, fudge, cream puffs for what seems like forever, but in the last five years I have been working almost exclusively with cupcakes. I have been perfecting a frosting recipe but need some help with the batter, since I have been using mostly store bought and adding to it to get the textures and flavors I want. 

I also want to up my game in learning how to decorate a better cookie. I don'e have much experience with royal frosting. I need to work on my piping and flow work. I watch all those baking show and see such amazing work and I want to be able to be half that good.

My goal as I approach 60 this month is to establish my own cottage business that I can run now and through retirement until I decide I would like to pass it on to my children. I have one or two who would like to be a part of this profession. I believe it would be a fine legacy to pass on. 


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I am stronger than I imagined; and more resilient than I knew.

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Cashier for the Kroger company

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When my children were younger we needed money so one Christmas we all sat around the table and decorated cookies for hours to deliver to folks around town. My kids still talk about the cramps they got in their hands. It was a very good memory.

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