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I am a Johnson &Wales University Alumni and  former Pastry Chef of 17 years+.  I quit my last position and decided to stay home and help my husband grow his already successful concrete contractor business.  Of course, I began to get a little restless and I never wanted to ever bake at home for various reasons. I missed being a pastry chef, and I always enjoyed making decorated cookies, so much so I started our cookie program at one of the hotels I worked at in the beginning of my career back in 2003.  It was very successful, so much so we couldn't keep up, so we couldn't continue it for long.  Even so, bought all of the cutters to use out my own money and of course took them when I left.  I still had over 100+ cutters and always bought more throughout the years.  Cookies are easy to make with few ingredients, and dont take too much refrigeration or other storage space, so it was a logical choice for me to give this a go.  I just recently started offering to sale my cookies to friends and family only via FB. Needless to say, after posting cookies I made for my family's Easter party and my niece's birthday the same weekend, it blew up!  I got 4 pending orders within the hour of posting and they keep coming in! I'm excited like I've never been before, but a little nervous on how to start this business and how to run it wisely.  I've never sold anything on my own before, but I feel confident this is a good decision with a ton of potential and lots of money to make! My family is hugely supportive and my husband is enthusiastically financially backing me.  I just need a few tips and advice from experienced cookie entrepreneurs.  



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Making assorted Christmas cookies for my family when I was 14