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Pryaniki&Cookies by Maria Leonova

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Russian Federation

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We are Pryaniki&Cookies by Maria Leonova company. We like cookie to bake and to decorate and we produce wooden presses, cookie molds, rolling pins, cutter boards, etc. for russian pryaniki (pressed spice-cakes), gingerbreads and cookies. And we’d like to share with you some of our products.

Pryaniki is  as widely known as a symbol of Russia as the balalaika or samovar. Spice cakes are still made these days, especially in the cities of Tula and Gorodets. And although they are different from those made a century ago, they still have their particular taste, making them stand out among other kinds of cakes and pastries.

All our collections was made in collaboration with masters of woodcarving from different Russian cities. Our products was made in tipical Russian style with saving the traditions of production of woodencarving items.

Our advantages:

- 100% handmade
- in traditions of wooden presses production for pryaniks
- natural wood from Russia and Ukraine
- russian crafts
- made in Russia

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to contact us.

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Instagram:  @maria.leonova


Twitter:  @leonova_org


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