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Hello from Norway,

I have a friend from the US who every Christmas has been nagging me to make sugar cookies. She has been asking over and over and over, please make some for Christmas, it remind me of my childhood. I have never had time for it, didn't know what treasure it was. For me it was just a cookie until I began to look at it on Pinterest. Ohh me ohh my - did I got a new hobby. Yes I did. As you can see I'm a beginner, and I want to learn.
In general, I work with rehabilitation of European hedgehogs. So it's feels good to get away from sickness, problems and administrative tasks.
Sometimes it is hard to get all I need for my cookies in my country, but I have at last managed to find a shop who sells lard. Nope, Amazone isn't happy to send stuff to Norway, only books. But I found it, and happy I am.
So now I just look and try to figure it all out, and have started practise and I participate in an online cookie on Craftsy by Stephanie Kappel.

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Take it easy it will be alright in the end

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Rehabilitation of wild European hedgehogs

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