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May 8


Skokie, IL


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Own/operate Terri's Tasties a completely nut free cookie shop out of my home.  I used to teach for Wilton and do large and character cakes but now have scaled back to just cookies. Chose cookies because my granddaughter is so allergic to nuts and my daughter and her friends found it so hard to find decorated cookies for parties that were completely nut free guaranteed made on nut free equipment. Really looking forward to cookie con to help me expand my techniques of decorating cookies and I would love to teach again taking new cookiers under my wing to help them get started.



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What Iv used to tell my students-- do't be intimidated by better cookiers - find your own style- Find what you do best and Do you best with it!

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Manage Grade School Kitchen

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Provided decorated realtor cookies for an open house one year. The next year the realtor was actually going to just buy cookies from Wal Mart but as she was calling invitations she kept getting "I'll come if you have the same cookies as last year They were awesome!"

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2 hours