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October 9


Turney, MO


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I have been playing around at decorating cakes and cookies since 1980 although I began at my mom's side (a Wilton instructor) decorating sugar cookies, for at least 15 years before that, each Christmas only.  I began to get a little more serious about my decorating, and learning in 2010 when my then 10 year old daughter (affectionately nicknamed Knox) began wanting to learn more herself.  I was asked to teach a baking class with our local homeschooling coop at that time and since then I've made thousands of cookies for family, friends and fundraisers, but have only sold a few to date.  That's changing.  I'm receiving inquiries quite often these days...which is both exhilarating and terrifying.  I've named my business "The Knox Bakes" because she still does, at my side but most recently she's began her own endeavors and since she really isn't fond of that nickname anymore but her dad and I adore it, I kept it for myself. 



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Only you see your imperfections, others see art.

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This Christmas I began to create our family Christmas theme into cookie form. I presented each family member with their own personalized 6" x 8" Lumberjack and have challenged myself to use the same cutter each year.

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Probably two days....wow...that's crazy!