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A Basket of Bread Leaning on a Rock
Practice Bake Perfect Challenge #19

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A basket of bread leaning on a rock.

The woman of the bracelet tasted a bit and finally ate it all together with a large cup of tea! Have you ever seen something like this?

Because I have just seen all as if she were kind of... kind of...playing with delicious Homemade cookies!

Hope you liked it. I have never bought molds for cookies although I am always thinking in Springele Cookies molds they don't sell here in Argentina. Anyway, returning to Julia's CC challenge, I have made my own molds with things I have simply got in my kitchen ♡ Perhaps not my best cookies ever, but at least I have tried ♡♡♡♡

I have used my big muffin tin I bought some time ago in some expo and my small red muffins mold from Dos Lembas: turned them upside down and covered them with rolled dough.

Wait! Before of that I have rolled dough pressing it on one of my Blanik dehydrator trays (that was for bread and the tiny paper square of the tea) then pressed it on a plastic tray (no trademark for this one - that one was for the bracelet, basket and its handle, one of the levels of the tea cup and its handle), sticks of cinammon (that was for the rock and for parts of the tea cup). I also used a butterflies stencil, a queens crown stencil (bothe stenscils from MilArtes and a ribbon for one of my levels although perhaps you won't see the detail in the cup of tea but I will put photos of everything.

Hope you have enjoyed as I did playing with my invented molds and cookies. Love,


Photos: (i have also attached a detailed photo and a photo of me playing cookies were a man in cold Russia, can you see it as I?)



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  • Molds used
  • Molds used
  • Muffin trays being used upside down
  • Cookie detailed picture: Practice Bake Perfect Challenge #19
  • Person in cold Russia: Playing with cookies
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Well Sil  you've really been thinking out of the box for this challenge but that is what this challenge is all about your basket is beautifully done your rock well I wouldn't have it as a pet but it is a nice rock I think you did a lovely job

Hello there today! As I have posted in another person's post: I have known these challenges from the number 18th and really they also made my head spin as another participant in the challenge just posted (referring to Alison's Friedly recent post).

I have participated both in number 18th and 19th. It's so nice participating and really nice as we can learn 1) just seeing the works done by participants, the way they achieved there works and all the work and inspiration envolved. Just as this one in which we have shared the techniques used and 2) as participants ourselves, as they are real challenges for us and always learn something new in participating or with another cookier in the world or with techniques we have never used before as I with this one in which I myself had no tools available but converted what I had around in my kitchen♡♡♡

Just a comment about this as I had this nice feeling for the challenge ♡ although perhaps I feel this was not my favourite cookie ever but have learnt alot on the road. And noticed once again, that the techniques we can use are endless and our own limits are the boundaries of creativity which in conclusion is our full inspiration in loving this art for cookies we so much love with all of our heart♡♡♡♡ don't you?

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