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A Taste of Morocco
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #29

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The inspiration Morocco provides is infinite. I only wish I had the amount of time I would require to REALLY delve into the depths of the culture and get serious about the details on my cookies. I mean- the colors and patterns! The doorways! Anthony's real life, backroads way of bringing other cultures into our homes through TV and books along with his punk attitude will be greatly missed. Those scenes of meals shared in family homes inspired the tea as a central highlight, with the backdrop of local "flavor"- tile patterns, doorways, desert landscapes, piles of spices and an "aerial view" of dye vats (top left). That was actually the first patern/texture that came to mind with Morocco. 


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  • Another look at the isomalt tea
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Love, love, love this!  The colors, the patterns, the themes are all so very Morocco!  I am fascinated by that "tea" pouring across three different panels of your puzzle - it was a genius move of advanced planning. This is a brilliant addition to the challenge, Kerri!

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